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random thoughts

I love to learn about artists and what makes their creative minds turn. However, often after reading an artist’s statement, I don’t feel I know them any better or where their beautiful creativity is coming from. 

So I have decided to write about the thoughts that I have while painting and other musings that inspire me to create.

I call them random thoughts:

I like colors that clash, crows, and looking through old photo albums. I like many genres of music and movies and words that start with the letter ‘M’.

I love old faerie tales with evil queens.

I like winter time when the bare tree branches show dark against a heavy white sky and I like windy, rainy days that allow me to sit and paint with no guilt about the undone yardwork.

I like the circus, clowns, cotton candy, and candy corn. I like the smell of the fair and the noises on the midway. I like finding the perfect gift for a friend and I like the feel of anticipation. I like creating art and I do it every day…PAINT LOUD!

P.S. I don’t like asparagus, brussel sprouts, or kale.

Making Art in Savannah, GA

L.A. Ocampo

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